How does Ohms affect my vaping experience
    An ohm is a unit of resistance, the lower the resistance of your atomiser, the more electricity will flow through it. Increase the amount of resistance and less electricity will flow through. So when you use a lower resistance atomiser, and more electricity flows through, you will find the following:

More heat is generated at the coil

More vapour is generated

You may experience a more intense flavour

Vapour will be warmer

Your e liquid will be used up more quickly

Lower Ohm coils may result in premature battery failure

The above may all be positives, On the negative side:

Your battery will be drained more quickly

Battery life may be reduced

E-Liquid will be used more quickly

Atomiser life will be reduced (very low ohm atomisers may only last 2-3 days)You are more likely to experience a dry hit

Obviously, when you use a high resistance atomiser the opposite will happen:

Less electricity flow

Creating a reduced atomiser heat

A reduced amount of vapour

A cooler vapour

You may experience a less intense flavour

Result in slower battery drainage

Use less e liquid as compared to a lower ohm level

But on the plus side:

Battery life will be longer

Less E Liquid will be used

You will be less likely to get a dry hit