What effect does a Variable Voltage battery have
    The resistance of your atomiser is not the only thing which effects the amount of vapour, flavour and throat hit that are produced. It also depends on the amount of power flowing through your atomiser.

There are two common types of ecig batteries which allow different amounts of power to flow through your atomiser, which are known as variable voltage and variable wattage.

As we have seen, you can get a more intense experience by lowering the resistance of your atomiser.

You can also do the same by increasing the amount of power flowing through your e-cigarette. That may sound complicated, but usually there’s nothing more to it than pressing an up/down button or rotating a wheel.

But what if you want more vapour again? Then you can combine a low resistance atomiser with a higher voltage to get even more vapour. But this does come with its own problems – you are far more likely to burn through atomisers or get a dry hit, and atomiser life will be dramatically reduced.