Why do I get a burnt taste
    If your E Liquid gets over heated you are likely to experience a terrible burnt taste and smell, you are possibly not taking enough breaks between vaping sessions, drawing and holding the fire button down for too long, your coil or clearomizer could be burnt and requires changing, you should be treating your vaping device more kindly, allowing it to cool down between vaping session. To ensure you maintain a goog vaping experience your coil or clearomizer needs to get hot enough to vaporize the E liquid and not so hot that the coil overheats, dries out and burns, as a rough guide you should not need to hold the fire button down for longer than 4-5 seconds.

Always, Always allow the coil on a new clearomizer or tank to fully soak with E Liquid for around 5 minutes before first use, otherwise your coil will be burnt and giving off a burnt smell and taste right from your first vape.