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E Liquid Nicotine Shots

E Liquid Nicotine Shots from Vaporcraze

Mix in an 18mg Nicotine Shot to convert your favourite nicotine-free e-liquid into one containing nicotine.

Just add to your favourite nicotine free liquid of choice and give it a nicotine boost.

A 10ml 18mg Nicotine Shot with 50ml of nicotine free E Liquid creates 60ml of 3mg nicotine e-liquid.


Nicotine Shot Mixing

 The nozzles on short Fill bottles are on tight to avoid them flying off when squeezed.

A pair of pliers will normally be needed to grip and remove the bottle nozzle to allow the nicotine Shot to be added, this is the case with ALL brands of Short Fill E Liquids we have encountered so far.

Methods to add nicotine shots we have found are by cutting the dripper nib half way down and pouring your nicotine via the top nib, although this could make re filling your atomiser a little more messy.

Alternatively with a thin but not Sharpe object, lift the cap gently whilst moving around the seal. Lifting only slightly in one position before sliding the object round the seal. Continue until cap lifts easily. avoid aggressive motions as this can result in injury.

A third and probably the best method available is if you get a pair of pliers and gently grip the nozzle and apply gentle pressure as you twist and lift this should also remove the nib without damaging it.

IVG - 18mg 10ML VG Nicotine Shot
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IVG Nicotine Shot

The perfect nicotine boost for your 0mg E Liquids

E Liquid Nicotine Strength = 18MG
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Nic Nic 18mg Nicotine Shot - 10ml - 100VG
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IVG Nicotine Shot

The ideal nicotine for your 0mg E Liquids

E Liquid Nicotine Strength = 18MG
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(-39.62%) £ 1.89
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Nicotine Shots

1 X 18mg FREE Nicotine Shot with EACH 50ml Short Fill E Liquid Purchased

FREE irrespective of how many Nicotine Shots dispatched

Only order 1 of these items to receive the same amount of Nicotine Shots as the number of Short Fill 0mg E Liquids purchased, ordering more than 1 of this item will not increase the number of Nicotine Shots dispatched, to order more nicotine shots please use the other product listings for Nicotine Shots.

The perfect nicotine boost for your 0mg E Liquids

E Liquid Nicotine Strength = 18MG
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