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pete fortune 24 Feb 2018
    consistently excellent service and unbeatable prices - i would not go anywhere else many thanks - pete vonnegut fortune

Vaporcraze Team

Hi Pete, not had a Guest Book entry for a little, so all the more delighted to receive your kind comments, thank you.
john jones 10 Jan 2018
    nice and easy site to use, fast delivery, tasty flavours, I'll be coming back for more very soon, thanks Vaporcraze

Vaporcraze Team

Hello John, thank you so much for your kind guest book entry.
L Minto 11 Dec 2017
    hi and i appreciate your good service.i wish you all a merry xmas.

Vaporcaze Team

Merry Christmas Lisa and a have a great new year
victoria macdonald 14 Nov 2017
    Hi guys, I have used your site for many years now. I would just like to say how pleased I am with the service I have received. Good products at very reasonable prices. Always dispatched promptly and well packaged. Would highly recommend your company.

Vaporcraze Team

Hi Victoria, thank you so much for your kind feedback, always nice to see your name on the order sheet.
John Horvath 10 Nov 2017
    Been using you a long time now guys. Just placing another order. Keep up the fab work and the great prices :-) Cheers John

Vaporcraze Team

Many thanks John, your orders are much appreciated.
Cliff Street 9 Nov 2017
    Hi, I just wanted to send some positive feedback
about the RY6 liquid I bought from you.Not only did I get this order
exceptionally fast on the next day afiter ordering, but I got the liquid at a
far better price than most other vape sites.A tiny difference in taste to the
Hangsen RY6, but but not much of a difference. So many thanks for the great
sevice and product. If you will be stocking this RY6 on a regular basis,I will
definately be buying the same amount on a regular basis from you. Many thanks.

Vaporcraze Team

Many thanks for your feedback Cliff

Charles Bailey 24 Sep 2017
    brilliant e liquids

Vaporcraze Team

Thank you for your kind comment Charles
Marie Gregory 4 Aug 2017
    We have been using you for the last couple of years now and cant fault the service or quality. Thank you.

Vaporcraze Team

Hello Marie, thank you so much for your custom over the last few years, long may it continue, we hope.
Gail O'Connor 12 Jul 2017
    Have been buying from here for nearly 3 years since I stopped smoking! This was the first place I ever bought liquid from, And I have never bought from any where else. I just wanted to leave a message of thanks really, because your quality, price and swift postage are all fantastic! Thank you!!

Vaporcraze Team

Hi Gail

Thanks for your comments, it always great to see your name consistently on our order sheets, your custom of the years has been and still is very much appreciated.
j watson 7 Jul 2017
    great flavours at a great price would highly recommend to everyone.

Vaporcraze Team

Hi Julia

Many thanks for your kind comments.
Dave Black 6 Jul 2017
    I have been using Vaporcraze for a few years now after hearing about the site word of mouth. This has now been passed on to others who vape and they are so surprised by the quality for the price. So nice to see a company not trying to rip off their customers. Thanks vaporcraze and personally thanks for the best tasting spearmint bar none. Thought we had lost the taste when it was called spearmint gum but it popped up again on the new site. Such relief. Keep up the good work with next day delivery and superb value for money and we will keep making sure as many people know about Vaporcraze as possible.

Vaporcraze Team

Hi Dave

Thank you so much for your kind words they sum up our ethos and targets over the last few years and spur us on with smiles on our faces.
John Horvath 5 Jul 2017
    Yay, new site! Been using you guys for years and am looking forward to continuing. Just a suggestion... I don't think that the loyalty points only lasting 6 months before expiring is long enough. They will be gone before we can accrue enough to do anything with them. Anyway, good luck and keep up the good work. John

Vaporcraze Team

Hi John

Thanks for your great comments, valid point about the loyalty point, the best way to use them is let them accumulate as you can only use one offer or loyalty point per order, now increased to 12 months validity.

Hope everyone likes the change and makes best use of them.

    Could you let me know if you are going to start stocking 20mg liquid please?

Vaporcraze Team

Hi Pat, sorry we will not be stocking in 20mg as this is the actual new legal limit for nicotine content in E Liquids and would risk breaching the limit.

Our highest nicotine content is now 18mg.

Hope this helps.
Martin 15 Jun 2017

Just a quick note to say you guys are great. Ordered my liquid yesterday and it just arrived in the post, love the flavours and the quick delivery. I will definitely be buying all my future liquids with you, keep it up!!


Vaporcraze Team

Hi Martin thank you for your comments they are very much appreciated.
Mark Roberts 14 Jun 2017
    So like many others, I have been a long term customer (I gave up smoking just over 5 years ago, I was a 100+ a day smoker :( Finding Vapourcraze probably stopped me from going back onto smoking. I know, easy to say someone is good if you haven't got a comparison, only knowing the same place, so occasionally I do remind myself and buy an odd bottle from somewhere else on my travels. I would be lying to say that I havent found ones that easily match the taste etc, however the prices have come in at around 3.50 - 4.98 (New keyboard but no pound sign, only just noticed that, strange!), but you get my point about value+quality for your money from here. Adding to that, delivery is fast, and I can't remember ever having any issues with an order, so it speaks for itself when I state why I have been a long term customer. However saying all of that, that doesn't mean you can stick your prices up lol.

Vaporcraze Team

Hello Mark thank you very much for your comments, our goal as always been to supply quality, compliant e liquids at great prices and try to make a profit by selling lots of them, as you say we are also aware it is possible to buy the same e liquids we supply under other brand names for twice the cost.
Brooke Martin 14 Jun 2017
    Just wanted to say that I am always happy with the service from Vaporcraze! Love the flavours of the liquids and there is always plenty to choose from! Also the delivery is always excellent. If I order before 4pm, it is normally here the next day and can't beat the free delivery. If I have ever had any issues, they have always been rectified and the customer service is brilliant! Thankyou for continuing to be great! Brooke.

Vaporcraze Team

Hi Brooke, thank you for your kind review

keith griffiths 10 Jun 2017
    after using your site for a long time now I had my order ok last time now going to order picked my juice went to log in to pay and it says my email and password not recognised and its the same one I have been using for the last 2 years not very pleased yours keith Griffiths
Vaporcraze Team

Hi Keith

Sorry you are having login problems, the new website is on a totally new and upgraded system, I am afraid you would need to create a new account.

A new account can be created with your old details as the 2 systems are totally separate.

We had to move on as the old system had very little flexibility for us to expand, and was not compatible with the new system so we could not import the old system accounts.

We did try to explain via email and the website home page.

The old system can be accessed HERE but only to access and view orders history.

Again our apologies and hope we have not permanently lost a great customer.


Thank you after trying to log in I had new email and password before I saw this email from you thanks for all your help

Gary Monks 5 Jun 2017
    been using you for a couple of years liquid has always been good quality at a very reasonable price delivery has always been spot on even for free postage !first time using the new site took a bit of time to get used to it but its a great improvement on your old site it recognised my email address so re-setting my account up from the old site took seconds i did note some strengths of flavours in the 70pg 30vg are lacking though is that to do with the TDP new regs ? i dont use a sub ohm wishing you continued success

Vaporcraze Team

Hi Gary

Great to see you now setup and registered on the new website, and your positive comments are greatly appreciated.

We have up to 51 flavours available in the Breeze 70pg/30vg range, I wonder if you meant the Breeze Smooth range 30pg/70vg which currently only has 13 flavours, high VG is popular with many vapours but not as popular as high PG, we will expand the flavours of all high VG ranges if they become more popular, obviously we want to stock the most of what our customer want to buy.

Has to be said there has been a few requests for more high VG, so likely to be expanding the ranges, although everything takes many months now when before it only took days or weeks to get a new flavour in, this due to the new regulations and in some cases a 6 month waiting period until a new flavour has been submitted and approved by the MHRA(UK GOV).
Richard Scott 4 Jun 2017
    Have used Vapor Craze liquids since i stopped smoking - Christmas (2016). Would like to see more flavors in the 20PG/80VG ranges for sub ohm vaping and taste - now trying to cut down on Nic as well!!! - Great new site - Keep up the good work!

Vaporcraze Team

Hi Richard

Thank you for your kind comments, there is scope to stock another 8 flavours in the Cloud Cover range, if the Cloud Cover brands proves as popular as we hope it will, we will stock the extra flavours, the potential flavours are, only available in 3 and 6mg.

Appetizing Apple
Banana Burst
Cherry Cola
Cherry Menthol
Jack Blacks
Pineapple Juice

Would only available in 3 and 6mg.
Sandra Ford 25 May 2017
    Hi, thought I was on the wrong site for a minute....looks so different. Used Vapor craze for a long time now...loving the coconut flavour that I used for the first time a few weeks back, have ordered some more today. Great products.

Vaporcraze Team

Hello Sandra

Thank you so much for your comment, great to see you on our new site and enjoying your E Liquids.